Activities & Achievements

Company Visit – Politeknik Ubaya & Politeknik Mersing Malaysia

Wednesday on June 26th, 2024, Borwita had visited by Politeknik Ubaya & Politeknik Mersing Malaysia with Company Visit activities. This activity aims to introduce vocational students to the world of work in the distributor sector.

In this activity, students were explained about the distributor business sector, how Borwita has been running the business for approximately 48 years, and what are Borwita’s plus points as a distributor company in Indonesia. In addition, students and lecturers were also invited to a company tour by touring the Surabaya branch Sales Basecamp, finance, and touring the warehouse.

Borwita Achieved 4 Awards: Best Sales Growth NFI National 2023

Nutrifood Indonesia in its award “The Best Sales Growth Distributor” gave 4 awards in 3 categories to PT. Borwita Citra Prima in 2023:

  • 1st Place in Best Sales Growth Distribution 2023 Category B MT
  • 1st Place in Best Sales Growth Distribution 2023 Category C GT
  • Runner-Up Best Sales Growth Distributor Category C GT 2023
  • Winner The Best Sales Growth Distributor Category D MT 2023

Borwita has achieved 4 awards from 3 categories: B MT, C GT and D MT. These achievements are worth celebrating because Borwita is committed to being the best committed partner to customers, partners, employees and all stakeholders.

Borwita Received Award from Reckitt as Best of The Year 2023

We are thrilled to announce that PT Borwita Citra Prima just received award from Reckitt Benckiser as Best of The Year 2023.

This recognition fills us with pride and gratitude, motivating us to continue pushing boundaries and striving for being the best Distribution and Logistic company in the coming years.

Borwita Yearly Meeting 2023

Borwita held Borwita Yearly Meeting 2023 at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Malang. This annual meeting was an excellent opportunity for Borwita Leaders from various regions to get to know each other, gain new insight, and improve collaboration. In this meeting, Borwita provided lots of interesting sessions that could inspire leaders to build businesses and build people. Borwita also gave appreciation to the Best Sales Managers and Best Branch that have shown extraordinary performance for the past year.

Thank you to all leaders and principals who have supported the event.

Borwita? Pantang Pulang Sebelum Menang!

Borwita Received Four Awards from P&G 2022-2023

We are honored to announce that PT Borwita Citra Prima received 4 awards from our principal, P&G:

  1. Best Distributor FY2223
  2. The Best Logistic Function FY2223
  3. The Best Finance Function FY2223
  4. The Best HR Function FY2223

These achievements are proof that Borwita is always committed to give the best service excellence to customers, employees, and all stakeholders.

Borwita Obtained 3 Awards from Signify (Philips Lighting) in 2022

Borwita has again proven its best performance as a trusted distributor company by obtaining 3 awards from our principal, Signify (Philips Lighting):Borwita has again proven its best performance as a trusted distributor company by obtaining 3 awards from our principal, Signify (Philips Lighting):

  1. Best Sales of Philips 3D Printed Luminaire in TR Channel (Surabaya)
  2. Best Performance Sell LED Downlight in TR Channel (Surabaya)
  3. Best Performance Sell Thru Total Lighting Philips in TR Channel (Mataram).

Thank you Signify (Philips Lighting) for the awards. Borwita will always committed to provide the best services for customers and all stakeholders.

P&G Best Distributor Awards FY2122

We are glad to announce that Borwita has received awards from our principal, P&G:
1. The Best Finance Function in FY2122
2. The Best Logistic Function in FY2122

It’s an honour for us to be awarded as the Best Finance Function for 5 years in a row and as the Best Logistic Function for 7 years in a row. With this reward, we will continue to be committed to giving the best service to customers, employees, and all stakeholders.

Borwita Obtained Four Awards from SIgnify in 2021 (Phillips Lighting)

We are proud to announce that Borwita Citra Prima has received four awards from our principal, Signify (Phillips Lighting):
– Best Digital Solution Growth (Madiun)
– Best Sell Thru or Sell Out Growth vs 2020 (Madiun)
– Best Conventional Product Growth (Yogyakarta)
– Best Performance in AR-Overdue (Malang)

Our Director, Mr. Alan Karyono and General Manager, Mr. Zainul Arifin, represented to receive the award. These awards have proved Borwita as a prominent and leading distributor in Indonesia.

P&G Best Distributor Awards 2020-2021

We are honoured to announce that Borwita has been chosen as the Best Distributor 2021 by our principal, P&G.

Along with the award, Borwita also received spectacular awards, such as:

1. The Best Finance Function in FY2021
2. The Best IT Function in FY2021
3. The Best Logistics Function in FY2021

These awards certainly has proved Borwita as the best distributor and logistics service in Indonesia.

Borwita Obtained Two Awards from Airlangga University

PT Borwita Citra Prima won “Best Performance Management and” “Best Real-Time Key Performance Indicator” in Human Capital Achievement Award II: Innovation Dealing with COVID-19. The event was held by Human Capital Community and Economy and Business Faculty of Universitas Airlangga.

This award proves that Borwita’s performance is not only recognized by professionals, but also academics in the education sector. This award has motivated Borwita to contribute even more to the people in Indonesia.

Borwita Logistic Academy 2021

Borwita is committed to developing the best professionals through the 2021 Borwita Logistic Academy (BLA) program. Borwita trains fresh graduates to prepare them to become future leaders with adequate technical and leadership skills in the fields of Logistics, Business Development, and Sales. BLA itself is an intensive and comprehensive career path development and acceleration program, which during this 1 year training period, trainees will join various training methods. This year’s BLA selection was held in 5 cities, namely Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Bandung with more than 10,000 applicants from various reputable universities in Indonesia.

Undian Gebyar Akbar HUT 45 Tahun Borwita

Commemorating the month of Ramadan and celebrating Borwita’s 45th birthday, Borwita gives a surprise to the lucky Borwita customers. Borwita customers have a chance to win prizes worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, with the main prizes, are Mitsubishi Xpander, Honda Beat Motor, and Smart TV. Through this program, Borwita wants to show their gratitude to all Borwita customers for their support and loyalty to grow with Borwita for the past 45 years. The announcement day will be held on June 14, 2021, with a total of more than 30,000 lottery numbers from customers in Indonesia who took part in this program.

Applause Winner from Signify Excellence Competition

Borwita once again has proved its best performance as a trusted distributor by winning a special award from its principal, Phillips – Signify.

This award motivates Borwita to keep giving the best service to all stakeholders and be the best distributor in Indonesia.

Awards From Signify

PT. Borwita Citra Prima received an award from one of our principals, Philips Lighting or better known as Signify, namely the Best Performance in AR-Overdue – Java award.

In addition, several branches of PT. Borwita Citra Prima also won awards from Signify, namely:
1. Rookie of The Year 2020 (Surabaya Branch)
2. Best Conventional Product Growth – Java (Cabang Malang)
3. Best PCC Projects – Java (Madiun Branch)

P&G Best Distributor Awards 2019-2020

PT. Borwita Citra Prima creates “back to back” success story by achieving 3 categories from PT. P&G Indonesia:

1. Best Logistic FY 2019/2020
2. Best Finance FY 2019/2020
3. Best HR FY 2019/2020

Also, this achievement brings us back to back history as “Best Distributor FY 2019/2020”. We commit to bring Borwita to Glory for the next fiscal year!

Rookie Of The Year 2019

Our branch has achieved as Rookie of the Year 2019 from Philips, one of our principals. And this year, we ready to expand to Surabaya, Madiun, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Yogyakarta.

P&G Best Distributor Awards 2018-2019

PT. Borwita Citra Prima create another success story on FY 18/19 from our biggest partner, Procter & Gamble by achieving 4 functional awards:
1. The Best Sales
2. The Best Logistic
3. The Best Finance
4. The Best HR
And align with all those achievement, we finally get the most prestigious award “The Best Distributor”. We are ready and optimistic to face the next journey on FY 19/20

Recruitment Event – Management Trainee Program 2018/2019

Borwita is committed to develop young talent to become Borwita Future Leaders. We’ve already conducted Management Trainee selection process in 3 Big Cities (Surabaya, Yogyakarta & Bandung) and found 9 best talents from various credible universities.

Human Capital Achievement Award 2019

Borwita creates another success story in Human Capital Achievement Award 2019 was held by Human Capital Community and FEB MM Universitas Airlangga achieving 2 categories:

  • 1st Place in Learning & Development Strategy
  • 1st Place in Retention Strategy

Borwita Family Day 2019

In July-August 2019, Borwita held a Family Day agenda. This activity is carried out in all branches of Borwita. Appreciation to all employees who work hard and contribute to make the company grow and also to bound and strengthen the relationship between employees and families